In the Los Angeles spring election, which is going on throughout the rest of today (Tuesday, March 7), residents will be given the option to vote for two different medical cannabis initiatives in the city. Given the amount of time that Los Angeles has endured with the currently implemented Proposition D, a new measure is welcome for cannabis advocates everywhere. The two measures, Measure M and N, could change the foundation of cannabis in the city if passed.

According to the Daily Bruin, Measure M is supported by many cannabis businesses, because it would allow new citywide regulations to be established, as well as new licensing procedures. This includes a detailed approach on how to tax cannabis in the city, and as well as rules regarding how cannabis dispensaries should conduct business. The city council would gain power over all of these decisions, allowing them to mold their choices around the will of the people.

Measure N simply aims to create a permit program which is centered around the 135 currently existing dispensaries operating under Proposition D. It’s important to note that the people who wrote Measure N actually decided to throw in their lot with Measure M instead. However, it was too late to remove the measure from the ballot after that decision was made. In this instance, the measures are competing against each other. If both receive enough votes to be approved, then the one with the highest number of votes will be the final winner.

Although the measures are being voted on today for the city, there is even more cannabis news occurring within the county of Los Angeles as well. The Board of Supervisors is set to meet tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 8, to discuss and vote on shutting down all dispensaries everywhere except those in the city.

For those who reside in the greater Los Angeles area, now’s the time to go out and make your voice heard. California will one day be a great hub for cannabis, divided between the strong and developed Bay Area and the growing cannabis city of Los Angeles, but it all starts with positive movements such as the ones that are being voted on today.