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One Unified Industry Voice Representing the Cannabis Industry’s Interests


In order to achieve our goals, resources and support from our members will remain critical as we continue our progress together.

We have seen firsthand the power that our numbers can have on forming sound, responsible and inclusive policies. Working together, peer-to-peer, and with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, elected officials and stakeholders, we are a focused, coordinated, united and powerful force that is aggressively driving meaningful and positive industry changes forward at local and state levels, which promote economic activity, job growth, new opportunities, innovation, stronger communities, and business activity in Southern California.

Southern California Coalition  Membership 

Southern California Coalition  members are on the front lines of a powerful and organized movement to promote and successfully implement, protect, and maintain sensible cannabis policies, along with safeguards to fairly license, regulate, tax, and enforce the legal sale of state-legal cannabis in a way that protects and benefits Southern California’s communities, minorities, citizens, law enforcement, municipal services, and workers.

By joining Southern California Coalition, you will be being politically represented and assured your voice and issues are heard by the right decision makers. Southern California Coalition members are part of the responsible and ethical legalization movement focused on ensuring the success of an inclusive, ethical and legitimate cannabis industry.  And without financial commitments from people like you, Southern California Coalition would be unable to continue its important work protecting our industry and its progress.


$25 monthly or $250 annually.

Your support as a Southern California Coalition Member will help to reform, guide, and implement responsible cannabis laws at both the local and state levels. You are invited to join Southern California Coalition as a Member for $25/per month or $250 annually. All Southern California Coalition Members receive regular email updates on industry news and activities, access to quarterly meetings, along with invitations to unmatched networking events as well as have a voice in nominating and electing new board members. 

Southern California Coalition takes the privacy of our email subscribers very seriously. Southern California Coalition  does not share any of your personal information at any time with any organization, and we will never share, rent, or exchange your email address with any organization. 

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