The largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization in Southern California led its members, along with backers, supporters, and endorsers of Proposition M in sending a letter calling on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council to begin taking immediate steps to implement Proposition M’s framework while simultaneously halting any further actions under the City’s broken Proposition D.

The letter — authored by Southern California Coalition’s President and Co-Founder Virgil Grant and Executive Director Adam Spiker — urgently requests that Mayor Garcetti, the City Council, and all other city departments refrain from taking any further action against critical segments of the cannabis industry until Proposition M’s regulatory regime can be implemented, or until a temporary registration program in the interim period can be enacted.

Three “bare-bones” requests

The coalition is seeking policies, according to the letter, “creating a bare-bones temporary registration program in the interim period before Proposition M regulations are implemented, which would:

“1. provide the City with a clear separation between those who intend to fully comply with Proposition M and its regulations, and those operators, who do not;

“2. deliver desperately needed statistics to the City regarding the true size of its cannabis industry; and

“3. finally put an end to the needless criminalization of otherwise law-abiding citizens.”

Voters chimed in on policy

Some 80 percent of voters in Los Angeles said “yes” to Proposition M on March 7.

In addition to the mandate by Angelenos, the measure was supported by countless elected officials, civic and community leaders, groups and organizations, including Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Christopher Newsom, Americans for Safe Access, California Growers Association, California Minority Alliance, Los Angeles Branch of the NAACP, Los Angeles County Democratic Party, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Daily News, The Californian, UFCW International, among a host of others.