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One Unified Industry Voice Representing the Cannabis Industry’s Interests


US News & World Report: Los Angeles Releases Draft Marijuana Business Regulations

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles moved Thursday to bring order to its emerging legal marijuana industry, proposing rules for how and where the fragrant buds will be grown and sold while driving out rogue operators. There will be no swaying fields of bright green pot plants along the Hollywood Freeway — businesses will only be allowed to grow indoors. Dispensaries would be kept at least 800 feet from schools and libraries — and each other — and residential neighborhoods would...


MyLANews: LA City Controller predicts pot shop tax collection will be difficult

A map of marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles released Wednesday by City Controller Ron Galperin illustrated his concern that the city will not be able to collect all of its due taxes from the shops when recreational pot becomes legal in 2018 — because so many don’t obey the law. According to Galperin’s map, 756 dispensaries received Business Tax Registration Certificates in 2016, with not all of them paying taxes, and when stronger regulations took effect this year, just 139 obtained...


Forbes: A California Plan To Save Millions On Cannabis Regulation Is Getting Props Worldwide

In his new gig heading the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has kicked up plenty of dust over cannabis, from erroneously aligning the plant with heroin to threatening to reignite our deadly drug war, which Sir Richard Branson called “a trillion-dollar failure.” But while Sessions was making headlines with ill-considered claims for the past few months, entrepreneurs and lawmakers in Los Angeles were putting the finishing touches on a plan they’ve developed over decades to finally bring order and stability to the legal cannabis industry’s biggest market–and cities around...


The Leaf Online: Coalition seeks fast action, smooth transition in cannabis policy

The largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization in Southern California led its members, along with backers, supporters, and endorsers of Proposition M in sending a letter calling on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council to begin taking immediate steps to implement Proposition M’s framework while simultaneously halting any further actions under the City’s broken Proposition D. The letter — authored by Southern California Coalition’s President and Co-Founder Virgil Grant and Executive Director Adam Spiker —...


LA Weekly: Law Would Censor Pot Ads That Appear to Woo Children

One of the biggest fears among marijuana legalization opponents has been the possibility that more children and teenagers could become pot users in states where recreational cannabis is made legally available to adults. So far the jury is still out on whether this has been the case in recreational states like Colorado. But it was a prominent issue in the campaign for and against California’s Proposition 64, which was passed by voters in November. Opponents said California’s legalization initiative, which...


LA Weekly:Cannabis Businesses Seek Protection From Raids Before Legalization

In March, L.A. voters overwhelmingly approved Measure M, which requires the City Council to regulate legal marijuana. By empowering the city to license and tax pot companies, Measure M was designed to formalize the city’s legitimate marijuana industry, while giving companies the legal foundation they need to operate and grow. Measure M repealed Proposition D, which took effect in 2013 and gave 135 dispensaries in the city “limited immunity” from prosecution. While voters have approved creating an above-ground marijuana industry, the...


SCC Interim Registry Statement

Southern California Coalition Commends Los Angeles City Councilmember Koretz for His Decisive Action in Moving the World’s Most Comprehensive Cannabis Regulatory Framework Forward    Koretz Motion Introduced Creates a Notice of Intent to Register for Interim Provisional Licensing for Los Angeles’ Cannabis Businesses While Proposition M Is Implemented in Full    LOS ANGELES—Southern California Coalition—the largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization located in the world’s largest cannabis marketplace, Southern California, and majority funders and backers of Proposition M, the world’s most comprehensive...


LA Weekly: Rogue Marijuana Dispensaries Cause Conflict With Legit Pot Shops

Donnie Anderson says it took weeks of driving to count the pot dispensaries in City Council District 8, which covers much of South Central Los Angeles. The team found two shops granted “limited immunity” by the city, but they were vastly outnumbered by 133 of what Anderson calls “rogue shops.” As partial owner of Med X, one of the two dispensaries in the district that are trying to follow the rules, it bothers Anderson that scores of other less conscientious...